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About US




Our Business Values, What we Stand For.
​ Our purpose is to serve and help businesses grow. Our experience and our partner Longart Consulting experience with start-ups and established businesses tells us that many businesses need help but they don’t know where they can get that help. New entrepreneurs do not know who to trust or whether it is worth investing money on this or that.
Consultants is probably something that they think they cannot afford. We understand how difficult it is to keep a business afloat and the questions you may be asking yourself. We have asked ourselves these questions as well. You may ask yourself, do I need additional costs, or a service you don’t need? Isn’t it something I can learn to do myself? Why should I trust these consultants?
We would not advise you to spend any money on things you would not need. We discuss with you first what we think would work and what would not. Some services are free, for example, they are not ad-related. However, if you want to grow your business in the world of today you must be very proactive in social media and your operations (product / service) must live up to costumer expectations.
We are not only an online or digital marketing consultancy, we also keep your other areas of the business, for example, your business strategy, developing business/marketing plans, your operation management, market research, customer relationship management, etc.

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